Hey, Where Are We?

Here’a a house we just finished renovating.

This blog is intended for folks who accidentally look for us using a dot biz extension. Our REAL blog, with posts nearly every day is over here! Do come visit us and see all the projects we’ve been working on!

What’s the problem?

In the infinite wisdom of WordPress, they list this one FIRST, so you might think that’s the main blog we create, when, in fact, this is a placeholder.

Our blogger, Suna, is a blogging fiend who works on a number of other blogs, and we’d love for you to check them out, if they meet your interests!

  • Hermit Haus Redevelopment: a blog that chronicles a group of home rehabbers in central Texas as they try to make money in two widely different but equally challenging markets. We post many times per week.
  • Hermits Buy Houses: a blog for people looking to sell challenging properties. We share how we help people in these sticky situations. We post about once a month.
  • The Hermits’ Rest: Suna’s personal blog about life on a ranch in central Texas, written by someone who never lived in the country before. It also shares nature tips and observations. Posts most days.
  • Nature along the El Camino Real: chronicles of the El Camino Real chapter of Texas Master Naturalist, in Milam County. Learn about the Master Naturalist program here. Posts about once a week or so.
  • Milam Touch of Love: a new organization aimed at helping the dogs, cats, and other animals of Milam County who are abandoned, mistreated, or otherwise need help. It also supports the local dog pounds in Cameron and Rockdale.

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